Thursday, February 16, 2012

Week 2: Job Posting Terminology

Definitions of Unknown Terminologies

The first terminology that was unknown to me was the concept of game metrics. After having looked it up, I understand the term refers to information, specifically data, to do with how players behave during their interactive experience. Another term I was not familiar with in the same vein was user flows. However, I now understand that it is a term used to describe the path a web/game user follows throughout whatever interface they are using. Nomenclature in a gaming context was also a new one for me. From what I read and gathered from the job posting, it was referring to being able to create an accessible and contextual language around gaming principles and procedures to make communication within design groups easier and more efficient. In one of the job postings for Gameloft, based in Montreal, the term CEGEP degree was used. Researching it revealed that it is simply a Canadian degree sometimes compared to junior college level studies in America, and is required for most university admissions programs in Quebec. The last term I was unfamiliar with was methodology, which I now understand, in the context of the job posting, to mean that they are looking for candidates that have very good problem solving skills and can apply them to a variety of tasks.

The reference images for this assignment are in the classfolders in my reference folder.

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