Thursday, May 3, 2012

Week 15: Assignment #3 Resubmission

My idea for my personal game project this semester is going to be named Protege.  At its core it is a detective story focusing on heavy stealth gameplay in a neo-noir setting.  The game’s story will focus on the conflict between the protagonist Grant Heckler and his mentor and employer The Old Man, and the backtracking through the 2 weeks prior to the games start.  The game is structured in this way to allow the player to in essence play through a portion of Grant’s life from a hindsight perspective rather than a foresight or straight linear one.  

Protege will be based on stages made up of 3 missions each and will involve him having to plan, equip, and steal valuable artifacts from various museums around the world.  This will give the player information on why The Old Man betrayed him, and why the organization called The Syndicate that they both work for did as well.

(The pdf file is in my homework W2 folder for reference.)

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